The Eagle Has Landed. 

  • By Sophia Spencer
  • 12 May, 2017

Perfectly crafted electric gates breath new life into a magnificent old residence.  

The Eagle has Landed! A breath takingly  beautiful installation of an iroko hardwood bespoke electric gate for a magnificent residence. Full access control has been fitted to add practicality to this impeccable piece of craftsmanship. 

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By Sophia Spencer 28 Jun, 2017
Many of us love the quiet joy of being able to open our gates automatically in the rain with out getting wet. For one customer the threat of rain was much greater than the inconvenience of a light shower. 

Flooding is  becoming an increasingly big problem in the UK. It never seems to be out of the national news for long, and is often on the mind of local councils too.  This customer embraced the very real possibility of flooding along their driveway so we worked with our customer to create a gate that would be able to with stand the rising waters. 

This sliding gate has the motor above the anticipated flood level in order to avoid water damage. The metal frame of the gate is strong enough to with stand any water pressure without warping. The wooden panel design provides a pleasing contemporary design while allowing water to flow through the gate when required. 

The careful planning and design of this gate will allow it work seamlessly in all weather for years to come. 
By Sophia Spencer 12 May, 2017
The Eagle has Landed! A breath takingly  beautiful installation of an iroko hardwood bespoke electric gate for a magnificent residence. Full access control has been fitted to add practicality to this impeccable piece of craftsmanship. 

Get in touch with the Portcullis Electric Gates team today and discover how we could make your driveway dreams take flight. 
By Sophia Spencer 27 Apr, 2017
We provide our customers with exactly what they want, and that means listening really, really carefully. For most people this is often a case of prioritising design, materials or perhaps a particular form of access control but for this customer it meant all these things and some thing quite different. 

The customer wanted a secure boundary to his property but did not want any damage done to this beautiful tree. With meticulous care we crafted this bespoke fence which gives a whole new level of meaning to the phrase "being sympathetic to the landscape". We would love to help you create something you can loves as much as this. Call today to arrange your free quotation appointment, where we can really listen to you, and find out what perfect means to you. 

By Sophia Spencer 13 Feb, 2017
Our customer owns a busy and profitable construction company in a rural location. They needed to know that their site is entirely secure, while at the same time providing easy access to those who need it, when they need it. 

To this end we have supplied a heavy duty commercial sliding gate. The access control post can be seen though the middle of the gate. The post has two intercoms, one at the height of large lorries and trucks, and another at the height of ordinary vehicles. This means it works for everyone without causing any delays to entry. 

The colour of the gate compliments their existing branding and buildings, as well as being sympathetic to the rural location. The customer also installed CCTV so all coming and goings are recorded. Everything works perfectly, the business is secure, access control runs smoothly, the gate looks great and the customer is very pleased. If you've any questions about commercial or residential work please don't hesitate to get in contact 01252 782 859. We look forward to hearing from you. 
By Sophia Spencer 22 Sep, 2016
It seems a juxtaposition that such an idyllic setting as the hogs back, on the edge of Guildford, an area of outstanding natural beauty, could also be an area of increasing crime. Surrounded by newly harvested fields, with only a glimmer of Guildford Cathedral in the distance this feels like an unlikely spot to worry about theft.  However according to  Surrey Police, " Incidents and reports of rural crime are on the increase ".  The seclusion that makes remote areas so attractive can also be what attracts thieves, with fewer witnesses to report their goings on. 

A recent customer was very aware of this situation. So while they have chosen a rural idyll to build a new office, they knew they also need ideal security. To keep their office secure they chose a single leaf vertical bar railing gate with SHS square bar infills. The gate is operated by FAAC 770 underground motors and has a hardwired audio intercom with a coded keypad. This is a very substantial gate that combined with the CCTV on site will make sure this premises is no easy target.  

Our customer was enormously pleased with the solutions we provided and the way we implemented them. If you have any security concerns of your own and would like a site visit to see how we could help keep your world secure please do get in contact.  
By Sophia Spencer 15 Sep, 2016
Planning requirements can scupper even the most beautifully designed attempts to add curb appeal to you home. There are often strict restrictions on the height of gates and fences. Councils and local residents alike can be unforgiving of any incursions. Such was the case for this customer. The height of their gate was restricted and so a bespoke gate offered the perfect solution ensuring a happy marriage between planing law and a beautiful, automated entrance to their home. 

The client choose a bespoke iroko hardwood sliding gate, with a matching pedestrian gate. The sliding gate enables them to maximise the available space for parking in front of their home by simply sliding sideways, a few centimetres parallel to the brick wall, along a track. If they had chosen swing gates some of the space would have been lost when the gate swung inwards to open. We installed a FAAC C720 Motor to automate the gate which has a virtual encoder to put the gate into reverse if it detects any obstacles. 

The customer was delighted with their finished gates. They gave us full marks on our feedback questionnaire and sent us the following comment:

"We obtained a total of three quotes for the work. Rob's was by far the most comprehensive and he fully explained how it could be done. The other companies did not and their knowledge appeared thin in comparison. We felt confident you would do the best job: we have not been disappointed."

By Sophia Spencer 06 Jun, 2016
This school in the Surrey Hills wanted a new pair of metal entrance gates to enhance the schools appearance and create a more substantial entrance to their wonderful seat of learning. Below are all the details of how we did it!

Near Guildford, Surrey.

The Gates: The School wanted a new and impressive entrance to their substantial grounds which would reflect their school colours and symbols. Therefore they selected these substantial metal gates, powder coated to match the school colours and with their bear symbol taking pride of place on each gate.

Client Feedback: Both the staff and parents at the school are enjoying their new gates and are
confident they’ll be there to greet many generations of students.
By Sophia Spencer 06 Jun, 2016
Our clients love their homes and they want their entrances to be just as lovely.

This client choose to have their gates automated to make their home extra secure and have complete access control. The details below will give you a better idea of how we achieved this for them. If you think we could help you too please don't hesitate to get in touch at

: Upton Grey, Hampshire

The Gate: The customer had a wonderfully wide entrance to his property, with an opening of six meters. In order to give the customer the look he wanted with the technical strength needed to support such a wide space we constructed a pair of Iroko hardwood gates with a steal frame to support the large width.

The Automation: To keep the gates running smoothly we installed 24v, 770 FAAC underground motors complete with safety devices and remote controls so the customer could easily and securely enter and exit the property without having to leave their vehicle. In addition we put in a GSM Telguard intercom system so that any visitors to the property could communicate with the house.

Client Feedback: On our feedback forms our client gave us the highest possible scores for all areas of our service including the standard of workmanship and quality of the gates. The client would happily recommend us to their friends and family.
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